The position of women during wodeyar’s period


  • Prof. Mahadevi Rtd., ICSSR Senior Fellow, Department of History, Karnataka State Open University, Mysuru, Karnataka, India


women empowerment, gender inequality, traditional bad evils like Sati, ban of widow marriage


Women empowerment has been playing a pivotal role in reducing the gender inequality. Right from the day of civilization women are subjected to injustice, they are deprived of equal opportunities; particularly it is to the greater extent in developing countries.

India is one of the developing countries, has seen more discrimination about women. The changes are taken place in the 19th century. Earlier to India’s independence the suppression of women rights was very much, where all bad evils were practiced. Only few native rulers emphasised for women empowerment. The Wodeyars of Mysore Kingdom have contributed immensely for the women empowerment. Many acts formed to provide equality to women.


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