Journal of Social Review and Development 2023-08-31T11:15:03+00:00 Dzarc Publications Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Journal of Social Review and Development</strong> is an international, open-access journal with rapid peer review, which publishes works from a wide range of fields, including anthropology, criminology, economics, education, geography, history, law, linguistics, political science, psychology, social policy, social work, sociology, humanities, social science, philosophy, international relations, public administration, social welfare, religious studies, visual arts, women studies, development studies, library and information science, linguistics, and so on.</p> Urban upgrades and tendency to alter indigenous building patterns in southwest Nigeria; a case study of Abeokuta city core, Nigeria 2023-07-18T10:38:45+00:00 Folahan Anthony Adenaike <p>Urban upgrades are common in cities of Southwest Nigeria. They are executed to address socio-economic and environmental issues by resolving socio-spatial dysfunctionalism. The urban systems that are altered during upgrades may however not blend into a good fit with the existing buildings. This study was carried out in Abeokuta, Southwest Nigeria in 2019 to determine the tendency of residents to alter the designs of their buildings in upgraded areas of the city core. Areas within the city core that witnessed urban upgrades between 2009 and 2019 were identified and the buildings were investigated physically for evidences of change in designs. A closed ended questionnaire was also administered to building industry professionals around the area to confirm the field observation findings. By using the neighbourhoods that were not upgraded in the area as reference, it was confirmed that the residents in upgraded areas had altered their building designs significantly. The research proposes that alteration of building designs which subsequently affects the outlook of the environment should be envisaged and accommodated in planning of urban upgrades.</p> 2023-07-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Folahan Anthony Adenaike System of Environmental Economics Accounting (SEEA) - coastal and marine ecosystem economic accounting in Karnataka state, India 2023-08-12T11:01:58+00:00 Devaraj Asir Ramesh N Karthi S Dhivya Amali Infantina P Priya <p>Coastal and marine ecosystems are important natural environments producing valuable goods and services that are essential for human well-being. System of Environmental Economics Accounting (SEEA) Experimental Ecosystem Accounting (EEA) enlightens the relationship between ecosystem function, human dependency, and economics. Economic valuation of ecosystem goods and services that contribute to welfare economics shall create awareness about the environmental benefits, and motivate public participation in their conservation, human well-being, equity, and sustainable management. The SEEA-EEA framework supports continuous monitoring of ecosystem conditions, changes, and supply of goods and services, which supports decision-making on sustainable management of the natural environment and National Natural Resource Accounting. Six coastal ecosystems and habitats such as mangroves, salt marshes, sand dunes, mudflats, corals, and Nesting Grounds of Birds (NGB) are distributed in the coastal stretches of Karnataka State of India. Application SEEA-EEA framework results in monetary benefits from the 6 coastal ecosystems of Karnataka has been estimated for USD 1,64,12,630 /yr.</p> 2023-07-13T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Critical evaluation of laws and legislations for persons with disabilities, especially intellectual disability 2023-08-31T11:15:03+00:00 Charu <p>Legislations related to disability provide a legal framework for inculcating Persons with Disability in the mainstream and enable them to transcend stigma, discrimination and exclusion. The present paper deliberates upon framework with reference to persons with disability and comprises Domestic laws related to disability in India, Policies and schemes and critical evaluation. India is one of the first few signatories of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It has sound legislation, and policies, but the implementation is not done appropriately which results in minor effects. The legislation related to disabilities is being modified as per the recommendations of the UNCRPD but we need to think globally and act locally by making these legislations relevant to the actual needs of the persons with disabilities with special reference to their geographic locale. Our country strives to achieve inclusion in the true sense, giving its citizens to enjoy and live their life in a meaningful manner.</p> 2023-07-17T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023