Perception and practice of injection safety among nurses in federal teaching hospital, Ido-Ekiti


  • Osundare Iyanuoluwa Mercy Department of Nursing, Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido- Ekiti, Nigeria
  • Akinola Funmilayo Victoria Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria
  • Nasiru Habib Kayode Department of Statistics, University of Abuja, Abuja, Nigeria
  • Jonathan Favour Chidera Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Abia State University, Nigeria




This is a non- experimental descriptive study carried out to assess the perception and practice of injection safety among Nurses in Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido-Ekiti. The objective of the study is to assess the perception and level of practice of Nurses about injection safety and to identify the factors influencing the level of practice of injection safety among FETHI Nurses. The significance of the study is that it will reduce the risk of harming oneself as a Nurse and contacting blood borne pathogen. It will refresh the knowledge of nurses about injection safety practices which would improve the effectiveness and efficacy of injection administration among Nurses. it will reduce transmission of blood borne diseases and reduce complication following injection administration in the community.

97 respondents were chosen using total enumeration and a well-structured questionnaire was used as the instrument for data collection. The data collected was analyzed and findings represented in tables. The findings of this study revealed that the nurses sampled for this study had good perception towards injection safety 88.9%, good level of practice as regards injection safety, only 2% agreed that it is right to re-use a needle and syringe, also only 5% said it is right to bend needle from the syringe before disposal and major factors that are influencing the practice according to the nurses in FETHI were economic status of the patients, lack of enough sharp box, and insufficient supply of hospital equipment.

The hospital should endeavor to provide sharper box to all wards and units in the hospital. A team could be inaugurated to supervise and monitor the nurses’ compliance to injection safety practice. Seminars could be organized for nurses to sensitize them more about injection safety practice. The government should subsidize the price of needle and syringe.


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