Madrasah education under muslim rulers in India: A study of mughal emperor


  • Syed Mahbubul Alam Al Hasani Deputy Director, Public Relation Department, Darul Ihsan University, Dhaka Bangladesh


madrasah, muslim rulers, mughal emperor, muhammad babur and bengal


This paper discovers some of the contributions of Muslim rulers to grow Madrasah in ancient India. The paper aims to bring into light the important involvement of the Muslim rulers from the early 7th century up to the great Mughal Empire of Delhi. Muslim rulers were seen as great sponsors for Islamic learning and education. In the medieval period, Islamic learning and education were practiced and imparted in the Madrasah. Muslim rulers patronized education wholeheartedly. Indian Muslim rulers were enough cordial to establish Madrasah for knowledge and education. The current paper suggested that Madrasah education in India was flourished under the patron of Mughal rules with great enthusiasm.


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