Knowledge regarding patient's rights among patients admitted in Nepalgunj medical college of Nepalgunj, Banke


  • Karishma Singh Thakuri Teaching Assistant, Nepalgunj Nursing Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal


knowledge, patient’s right, health care


The patient right is described as the code of conduct between persons who receive health services and the institutions that provides them. Patients' rights are a relatively new word in health sciences literature and practice, but they have quickly become an important aspect of current health care practice. When patients join the health care setting, they should much more aware of what they expect from health care personnel. To assess the level of knowledge regarding patient’s right among patients admitted in Nepalgunj medical college of Nepalgunj, Banke. A descriptive cross-sectional research design was selected for the study and non- probability purposive sampling technique was used to select 60 patients admitted in Nepalgunj Medical College, Nepalgunj, Banke. Self-developed Semi-Structured questionnaire with face to face interview technique was used to assess the knowledge regarding patient’s right among patient. This study result shows that level of knowledge regarding patient's rights among patients was good. One fourth (22%) of patients had good knowledge, majority (43%) had average knowledge and one third (35%) had poor knowledge regarding patient’s right. Majority of patients had average and poor knowledge. As a result of finding additional public awareness program regarding patient's rights should be conducted in frequent time interval to educate local public and patients regarding their rights whenever they visit any health institution for service.


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