Journal of Advance Medical Sciences <p><strong>Journal of Advance Medical Sciences</strong> is a peer-reviewed, refereed, and open access journal that focuses on critical and creative research and provides an open access research journal platform for scholars and researchers to exchange their research work results among professionals throughout the world. This journal publishes research articles in all fields of Medical science but is not limited to.</p> Dzarc Publications en-US Journal of Advance Medical Sciences 2583-2425 Assessment of depression for cancer patient in the medical wards at Al Diwaniyah Teaching Hospital <p>A descriptive study is conducted throughout the period of 5/7/2022 to 3/12/2022 in order to determine the level of Depression for Cancer Patient in Diwaniyah Teaching Hospital. A simple random sample of (30) subjects was selected through the use of probability sampling approach. Data is collected through the use of tool. It is comprised of questionnaires socio demographic data and use test Aaron Temkin Beck for Depression. Data is collected through the utilization of constricted questionnaires and the interview technique. Each interview takes approximately (5-10) minutes. The data are analyzed through the application of descriptive and inferential statistical analysis to measurement of study. The findings of the present study indicate more present of the study sample with moderate depression 43% and less than of the study sample with very acute depression 6.6%. The study recommended to put the plan to treated the depression status with cooperated psychiatric department.</p> Haider Kadhum Raddam Aqeel Abd Al-Hamza Marhoon Sabri Shather Hadi Copyright (c) 2023 Haider Kadhum Raddam, Aqeel Abd Al-Hamza Marhoon, Sabri Shather Hadi 2023-07-04 2023-07-04 3 3 01 03 The difference between male and female attitudes toward COVID-19 vaccination <p>It is essential to achieve herd immunity in order to control the COVID-19 pandemic, and this requires a high level of vaccination rate. Despite the importance of vaccination, hesitancy and unwillingness in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine still exists. It is therefore crucial to comprehend the intentions of adults regarding COVID-19 vaccination, which is beneficial for establishing community immunity and an efficient future pandemic response. The aim of this study to examine the difference between men and women attitudes towards coronavirus vaccine. Methods cross-sectional survey is conducted in this study and (nonprobability convenience sampling technique) is used for collecting data. Total samples of (349) adult person has been taken in (150) participants were taken from Al-Diwaniyah Teaching Hospital, (75) participants were taken from Public Health Center, (45) participants were taken from Orouba Preparatory School and (80) participants were taken from Al-Qadisiyah University the current study. The samples are assessed attitudes adult community towards the COVID-19 Vaccination through a questionnaire. The results of the current study have their no different between male and female in their attitudes toward Corona Vrus vaccine.</p> Zainab Abdal-Kadham Towar Fatima Wanas Khudair Copyright (c) 2023 Zainab Abdal-Kadham Towar, Fatima Wanas Khudair 2023-07-07 2023-07-07 3 3 04 07 Health-related quality of life among inflammatory bowel disease patients <p><strong>Background:</strong> Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a group of chronic disorders: Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis that result in inflammation or ulceration (or both) of the bowel. Both disorders have striking similarities but also several differences. Approximately 10% to 15% of patients with IBD have characteristics of both disorders and cannot be definitively diagnosed with either disorder and are classified as having indeterminate colitis. The prevalence of IBD in the United States has increased in the past century; it is estimated that 1.3% of adults are diagnosed with IBD (CDC, 2019).</p> <p><strong>Aim:</strong> Study aims to assess health-related quality of life among Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients.</p> <p><strong>Methodology:</strong> A descriptive study design was conducted at Al-Najaf city in the southern region of Iraq in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf Health Directorate/ Specialized Hospital for Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease and Surgery from February 20th, 2023, to May 21th, 2023, in order to assess Health-related quality of life among Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients. The methodological strategies for data collection used an assessment questionnaire survey</p> <p><strong>Results:</strong> As the study shows, that the total health-related quality of life of patients with inflammatory bowel disease is moderate.</p> <p><strong>Conclusion:</strong> The study concludes that the level of health-related quality of life for patients who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease is less than the ideal, in addition, patients' age affect their health-related quality of life.</p> <p><strong>Recommendations:</strong> Further research should be carried out to improve and explore effective methods to improve the health-related quality of life for patients with inflammatory bowel disease, besides, since the nurses still with the patients 24 hours daily, the health management should be activated and to increase nurse's roles in health education process that improve the patients' knowledge regarding improving their quality of life.</p> Muntadher Salah Alnaffakh Hawra'a Ghannam Alnassar Mahmoud Azeez Alkindy Ali Naji Mousa Al-Nejm Copyright (c) 2023 Muntadher Salah Alnaffakh, Hawra'a Ghannam Alnassar, Mahmoud Azeez Alkindy, Ali Naji Mousa Al-Nejm 2023-07-12 2023-07-12 3 3 08 12